How do I Drybrush?

Dredd Times

Drybrushing is an excellent way of bringing out detail in a miniature and added an extra level of realism to your models. Though it sounds daunting it is actually very simple to do and once mastered it can be very rewarding as you can acutally see the detail start to stand out from the miniature within moments.

How to do it!
Drybrushing is very easy to get to grips with, allowing you to master the very basics of painting very quickly. To drybrush a model just follow the simple tips below and repeat as needed.

Firstly charge your brush with some pigment from your paint pot or palette, but make sure that you dont put to much on the bristles. Gently rub the brush over some soft absorbant material such as an old clothe or paper towel, until the majority of the paint is off the brush.

Run the brush gently over the area on your model you wish to drybrush and the pigment will adhere to the surface and bring out the detail below. Drybrushing works best when you have a contrasting colour of paint to the base coat, either lighter or darker depending on what effect you desire.

Tips and Hints:
Dont be scared of putting to much paint on your brush when you first attempt to drybrush a model, if you mask any detail its very simple to correct by simply diluting the base colour and washing it over the areas that have to much paint on them (see washes).

Use a soft brush for drybrushing smaller scale models than large kits such as tanks or bugs as it will give better results in the long run.

Flat edged brushes will give a more chisled look when used as a drybrush than normal shaped brushes, this can be ideal for large surfaces such as terrain or tanks, but can look out of place on more conventonal models.

Drybrushing and washes can give amazing effects and can turn even the most novice modellers work into converstation pieces.

Use darker pigments to drybrush wear and tear or dirt onto vehicles to give a 'used look'.

Use a lighter pigment to drybrush detail on faces, muscle tone, cloth and weaponry to bring out details below.

Try using an old piece of denim (old jeans work fine for this) to wipe off the excess paint from your brush as it will leave you with just about the right amount of pigment on the brush.

Follow these simple tips and you cant go far wrong