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Hi everyone.
I've got problems with dates in my campaign. Is there a chronology of Hyborian history somewhere, complete with dates and all? More specifically, I'm looking for the following dates:
-Death of Yldiz
-Crowning of Yezdigerd
-Crowning of Vilerus
-Death of Vilerus
-Crowning of Numenides

Thanks in advance.
Hello Yogah!
Thanks for answering even though I don't really understand the question.
My sources are the Howard books, the Carter/De Camp pastiches, the marvel comics(color & B&W), the TSR material (Conan RPG & AD&D) and GURPS Conan, among others.

From what I know, Yldiz was King of Turan during Conan's youth and Crown Prince Yezdigerd inherited the throne after his death.
Vilerus was king of Aqilonia. He was replaced by Numenides at his death before Conan seized the throne.

What I need to know is who were the rulers of the major of the Hyborian nations at a given time. Who was king of Aquilonia when Yezdigerd took the leadership of Turan for instance?

Is the Gurps dating system considered to be canonic or was it a SJG creation (Conan was supposed to be born in 1248 AA)?

Is there somewhere a timeline of events occuring during Conan's life, wich is the period where the game is set?
Oops, I forgot to mention all the Mongoose material as my sources, but I think you would have guessed it anyway...
Daubet Herve said:
Hello Yogah!
Thanks for answering even though I don't really understand the question.

The question is relevent to the dating system. GURPS, Marvel Conan, and Howard-only sources have different chronologies.

Daubet Herve said:
What I need to know is who was king of Aquilonia when Yezdigerd took the leadership of Turan?

According to Dale Rippke's chronology, The Devil in Iron happened before The Drums of Tombalku. Since Yezdigerd was king in the former and Vilerus the king in the latter, I would suggest that King Vilerus ruled Aquilonia when Yezdigerd was crowned.

In Marvel Comics, the name of Vilerus was replaced by Numedides, so if you are using those as your sources, then Numedides was ruling Aquilonia at that time.

Your sources are relevant to the dating system used.
Hello All,

I've lurked on this board for a bit and thought I might make a contribution.

I drew up the following timeline based on Dale Rippke's chronology with some interpolations of my own - not everyone will agree with his (or my) interpretations. The entries are arranged by years, the "0" being the point at which my current campaigns started. Hope this is useful to some people out there.

-9 Sack of Venarium, end of Aquilonia’s colonial designs in Cimmeria.
-8 Attempt by Thoth-Amon (now a powerful figure in Stygia) to murder Kalanthes of Hanumar goes awry resulting in deaths of Kallian Publico and Aztrias Petanius in Numalia, Nemedia.
-7 Death of Yara the priest in the City of Thieves (Arenjun?), collapse of the Tower of the Elephant, king of Zamora released from priest’s influence.
-6 Death of the Nabonidus the ‘Red Priest’ (Corinthian city-state?) freeing the king from his influence.
-5 War in Yaralet – Corinthian city-state?
-4 Civil war in Koth – King Strabonus vs. Prince Almuric; peace made – mercenaries raid Koth, Zamora and Turan, destroyed by Shah Amurath of Akif on the Ilbars river but the shah perishes soon after. King Yildiz of Turan dies, succeeded by Yezdigerd, Turan expands army for imperial ambitions.
In the next 5-6 years Turan raids Stygia, Brythunia, Ophir, Corinthia, Nemedia and Hyperborea, conquers Shem as far west as Shushan and extracts tribute from Zamora and eastern Koth; also wars with Vendhya and conquers Khorbul in Ghulistan. Steppe kozaki increasingly troublesome.
-3 Rise of Natohk (Thugra Khotan) in Kuthchemes – eastern Shemite cities sacked, joined by rebel Stygian prince Kutamun, defeated by army of Khoraja. (Turan takes advantage of situation in Shem?)
-2 (Argos is at peace). Black Corsairs raid along the western coasts under the leadership of Bêlit and Conan - sacking the Black Coast city of Abombi and burning the Stygian Fleet in its harbour at Khemi.
-1 Death of Bêlit and decimation of the Black Corsairs on a voyage up the river Zarkheba.
0 Civil war in Shamballah, capital of Kush. Almuric again rebels against Strabonus of Koth – rebel army defeated and flees across Shem and Stygia, is annihilated.
1 Khauran taken over by Salomé and Shemite mercenaries, defeated by local rebels and desert Zuagirs. The latter raid the Turanian borders – possibly storming Vezek - until their horde breaks up.
2 Kozaki and pirates of the Red Brotherhood cooperate to raid Turan, possibly burning Khawarizm – destroyed thanks to Kerim Shah, spy of Yezdigerd. Dagonia briefly resurrected on Xapur by Khosatral.
3 Afghulis of Himelians troublesome to Turan and Vendhya – the two nations themselves at war, the armies of the former setting out from Secunderam. King Bunda Chand of Vendhya killed by the Black Seers of Yimsha but their master is soon also destroyed. The Devi Yasmina succeeds to the throne of Vendhya having (along with Conan and the Afghulis) defeated a Turanian army.
4 Totrasmek, the priest of Hanuman in Zamboula is killed, as is Aram Baksh the treacherous innkeeper; Turanian power in the city is reinforced. Koth and Argos at war with Stygia, the latter’s forces led by Prince Zapayo da Kova. He defeats the Stygian fleet and lands an army but it is overcome in the southern interior of Stygia, Koth having made peace. Ollam-Onga, the evil being that dominates Gazal is destroyed. Civil war in Tombalku.
5 Internecine conflict among the rulers south of Kush.
6 Barachan Pirates particularly troublesome.
7 –
8 Namedides replaces Vilerus as king of Aquilonia, starts a more aggressive policy against the Picts. Tsotha-lanti of Koth defeats his rival Pelias the sorcerer and imprisons him – establishes unrivalled dominion over Strabonus. Count Valenso of Korzetta disappears from the Zingaran court – fleeing to the coast of Pictland to avoid a demonic debt.
9 Trouble with Picts in Conajohara – the shaman Zogar Sag leads an attack that destroys fort Tuscelan but the town of Velitrium is saved and the shaman killed.
10 Barachan pirates again troublesome, Zingara counterattacks and destroys a pirate fleet off Shem. Free Companions led by Zarallo hired by Stygia to protect southern border around Sukhmet from Darfari raids. Feuding inhabitants of Xuchotl finally all killed (as is last ‘dragon’ in the forests outside).
11 Trouble in Keshan, possibility of war with Punt and Zembabwei.
12 Namedides’ rule in Aquilonia is increasingly oppressive and unpopular – war with Zingara. Rise of Conan of Cimmeria as an Aquilonian general, defeating Zingara; the latter degenerates into civil war and anarchy.
13 Count Trocero of Poitain rebels against Namedides – civil war in Aquilonia.
14 Another Pictish attack defeated. Conan strangles Namedides upon his throne and becomes king of Aquilonia.
15 The Rebel Four (Volmana, Gromel, Dion and Rinaldo) summon Ascalante from exile on the southern border of Koth (Thoth-Amon has fallen from power in Stygia and is in his service); together they plot against King Conan.
16 The Rebel Four, at the instigation of Ascalante, attempt to assassinate King Conan; they fail and all five of them die. In the process Thoth-Amon recovers his ring and his power; returns to Stygia? Numa is king of Nemedia at this time.
17 Aquilonia enters an alliance with King Amalrus of Ophir. Amalrus’ brother holds the east of the country, Kothic barons rebel sporadically
18 Conan leads an army to Ophir to help fight Strabonus of Koth – is betrayed, army defeated and is captured by Tsotha-lanti (sorcerer behind the throne of Koth). Ophir and Koth invade Aquilonia but Conan escapes – Amalrus, Strabonus and Tsotha are all killed. Pelias the sorcerer released.
19 An ambitious cabal in Nemedia resurrect Xaltotun of Acheron (using the Heart of Ahriman) and use his power to kill King Nimed and his three sons, putting Tarascus (his younger brother) on the throne. They then invade Aquilonia and capture Conan, replacing him with Valerius (an exile of royal blood, possibly close to former king Vilerus?). Conan escapes and tracks the Heart of Ahriman through Zingara (still in a state of civil war) and Argos (at peace) to Stygia (at peace with Argos); Thoth-Amon is back in power by this time and living in Luxur, presumably to better dominate king Ctesphon. Xaltotun attempts to revive Acheron.
20 Conan returns, Valerius and Xaltotun killed but Tarascus survives and is ransomed back to Nemedia.
Man, you're just great !
This is exactly what I was looking for. I don't really mind if some stuff in your chronology come from your interpretation but I will definively use it.
I try to stay as close as possible of the REH spirit when running the game but I guess some extrapolations won't hurt, especially when my players are not Howard purists.

Thanks again to both of you.
No problem Daubet - I spend huge amounts of time putting together Hyboria-related gaming material so it's a pleasure to get a positive response. All the entries are based on Dale Rippke's chronology or my own interpretation of Howard's writings so there shouldn't be anything that is 'non-canonical' (or is that 'non-Conanical'?) - not that it seems your players will mind in any case.

Cheers for now
Thanks indeed Doc Martin!
I've been thinking about going trough Dale Rippke's chronology myself to make a timeline just like this. You just did the hard work for me. :D
The Doc Martin's timeline is interesting - all based in the Rippke's Chronology -, but I particulary disagree of them, about "Red Nails" to be before "Jewels of Gwahlur". In "Jewels...", Conan slaps Muriela because she feigns to be a godess. But, in "Red Nails", there's a passage:

"He [Conan]could draw his broadsword and disarm her [Valeria], beat the blade out of her hand, but the thought of drawing a sword on a woman, even without intent of injury, was extremely repugnant to him".

So, in the tale above, the only thought of disarm an woman is repugnant to Conan. Couldn't "Red Nails" had hapenned some years AFTER "Jewels...", when the Cimmerian became more mature and less violent (at least with the women)?


In "Jewels...", Conan slaps Muriela because she feigns to be a godess

You're Muriela, Zargheba's Corinthian dancing girl. This crescent-shaped birthmark on your hip proves it. I saw it once when Zargheba was whipping you. Goddess! Bah!" He smacked the betraying hip contemptuously and resoundingly with his open hand, and the girl yelped piteously.

A sharp slap for emphasis when chastising someone you have caught in a fraud (and one which Conan takes quite seriously - "Why, you sacrilegious little hussy!" rumbled Conan. "Do you not fear the gods? Crom! Is there no honesty anywhere?") is very different from assaulting a woman with a lethal weapon.
I wouldn't think Conan takes it that seriously as he goes on to suggest that they make money in Punt by having Muriela pose as a statue of a goddess. He's also not above hurling a woman from the upper storey of a building into a pit of excrement in 'Rogues in the House' - admittedly in revenge but still a fairly nasty assault.

I just don't think applying a particular set of 21st century morals either to the Hyborian Age or Howard's early 20th century mindset is a very effective way of interpreting a timeline. Only my personal view of course.

And Bjorn, thanks for your kind remarks, I do hope this timeline has proved useful to a few people out there.
All right, Doc Martin and Kintire, but Conan's attitude isn't all. In Red Nails, when Conan and Valeria enter in Xuchotl, they see a "vaulted ceiling (...) of lapis lazuli, adorned with clusters of great green stones that gleamed with a poisonous radiance", and the Cimmerian says to the she-pirate:

"Green fire-stones," growled Conan. "That's what the people of Punt call them".

In my opinion he already knew Punt and, of course, Keshan when followed Valeria from Sukhmet to Xuchotl. So, I still believe Red Nails hapenned some years after Jewels of Gwahlur.
Fernando, that's an excellent point about the fire-stones - although it does not necessary indicate several years between the two stories, Conan seems quite capable of moving around at break-neck speed between his adventures. Also, it actually makes little difference to the timeline of major events in the Hyborian kingdoms and their neighbours - all the conflicts mentioned in these two stories seem to be ongoing situations (Zingarans VS Barachans, Stygia VS Dafari, Keshan VS Punt). I sometimes wonder if we try to impose a greater degree of 'logic' on the Hyborian age than the original material allows. Howard claimed to have a chronology worked out but I've never seen any reference to it turning up in his notes as a precise record. Perhaps he just wrote stories that he found interesting and thought would sell without putting them into a strict sequence? Anyway, I found the Dale Rippke's chronology a useful basis for a timeline to use for gaming purposes - it would be interesting to see alternatives and how they affect the chronology of major events.
Doc Martin, you said that "Howard claimed to have a chronology worked out but I've never seen any reference to it turning up in his notes as a precise record". In his 1936 letter to Miller, R. E. Howard seems to agree with several details from the Millers's chronology - the only exception is: "Your outline follows his career as I [R. E. Howard] have visualized it pretty closely. The differences are minor". One of these differences - maybe the unic - is the gap between "Beyond the Black River" and "The Phoenix on the Sword". Althought Miller, Clark and DeCamp puts only three years between them, Rippke puts seven - and I particulary agree with this Rippke's opinion. So, the facts' order of the Miller's chronology seems correct to me - excepting Red Nails (published after Howard's letter and Howard's death) before Jewels of Gwahlur. It's a matter of view's point, but I disagree of some details of Ripke's cronology - but not of all them. In other words, my Conan's timeline is the following:

- The Frost Giant's Daughter;
- The God in the Bowl;
- The Tower of the Elephant;
- The Hall of the Dead (synopsis);
- Rogues in the House;
- The Hand of Nergal (fragment);
- Queen of the Black Coast;
- A Snout in the Dark (fragment/synopis);
- Black Colossus;
- Iron Shadows in the Moon;
- A Witch Shall be Born;
- Shadows in Zamboula;
- The Devil in Iron;
- People of the Black Circle;
- The Slithering Shadow;
- The Pool of the Black One;
- Jewels of Gwahlur;
- Beyond the Black River;
- The Black Stranger;
- Red Nails;
- The Valley of the Lost Women;
- Drums of Tombalku (fragment/synopsis);
- Wolves Beyond the Border (fragment/synopsis);
- The Phoenix on the Sword;
- The Scarlet Citadel;
- The Hour of the Dragon.
Fair enough, it's certainly a valid alternative based upon the detail in the texts - such as it is. The reference to Howard's letter to Miller is well known - I notice he said he had 'visualized' the timeline - which could be taken as suggesting he had a rough idea rather than a precise record - as I said, there is no record of Howard having written down an exact chronology. I'm not overly inclined to take his kind words to a fan's letter too seriously and the stories themselves leave the matter of their precise order open to interpretation. I don't think a definitive timeline will ever be possible - the one I posted was intended to provide a framework for major events - I was more interested in that as a background for gaming than the details of Rippke's chronology - does your alternative affect that framework? (I can't be bothered to work it out myself :? )
"I don't think a definitive timeline will ever be possible - the one I posted was intended to provide a framework for major events - I was more interested in that as a background for gaming than the details of Rippke's chronology - does your alternative affect that framework? (I can't be bothered to work it out myself )"
Doc Martin

Doc Martin, I didn't intend to "afecct your framework". I just wanted to show my opinion, without the purpose of changing whatever mind. In the Rippke's point of view - and maybe in the yours -, the Conan's timeline is one. But in my mind it's other. As you said, "the stories themselves leave the matter of their precise order open to interpretation". What I wrote was only my personal interpretation. I desire great success to you in your gaming purposes!! :D