Hard Times 1129 Continued


Note: I have played Traveller now for 39+ years and as a Player/GM I never liked the AI Virus Vampire plot line. So that being said, I have never used that plot within my campaign setting which for the last 25 years has been set in the Verge sector.

My player group where I am the GM and have 7 players have taken a 7 month break after playing for 12+ years. We are starting up again in September with new campaign start with new characters and etc. I will be the GM again and the other 7 guys are all planning to play in our weekly Wednesday night game (7pm till 10:30pm).

My gaming group and I use many house rules but we still play Traveller and mostly we use anything Traveller especially Mongoose game materials.

So for my New Game Campaign start, I will have the players start the game being on a world within the Verge sector Star Port planet. The planet would have just survived a large scale planetary attack from multiple forces from different warring sides within the Rebellion. Whom the "winner" was is up for debate. Also the local Mega Corps also got involved in the fighting as well, so the whole system and planet is a total mess. The local government is gone, and many Pirates have started to attack and raid.

The players (7) characters will have found each other and met in the ashes after the attack. It has been 5 weeks after the system wide attack. The star port has been pounded into ruins, and almost every major city on the planet has been turned into ruins as well. The players are searching the star port and the local other facilities star launch centers. They happen to locate a smaller harden hidden complex for Imperial Llelish Special Ops teams. They find the main hanger with one ship still inside in the repair engineering skids in the process of a refit/rebuild.

The ship name <yet to be named> has just had TL 14 armor Plate installed, and still has the Turrets yet to be installed but are all there ready to be installed. There are a number of systems there ready to be installed, the players just have to "do it themselves".

Before they can do that they need to do the following.

1: Explore the facility
a: Find the prisoners in Cold sleep (3) -Pirate , -Terrorists, -Spy and decide what to do with them because they would all have skills extremely useful to the team

2: Find the Ship
a: Explore the ship and the surrounding repair bays for other parts and things needed to repair the ship and get it up and running
b: Discover a hiding Ship Yard Engineer Tech that can greatly help them.

3: Get the Emergency Power plant online and get the ship yard repair bays powered up to start repairs and finish the refit of that ship
a: They will need to salvage more fuel to continue keeping the Power Plant running, and depending what they do and how they do it will take between 3-5 Fuel Tanker runs to do the job. The Fuel Tanker is a vehicle that they would have to go to remaining Fuel sources located around the Star port and other facilities to get fuel and bring back and refill the Backup Power Plant fuel resource.
b: Make fuel runs, the first time the players will luck out and find a 3/4 loaded fuel truck nearby.

4: In all they will encounter a total of 20 possible NPCs that they will have the choice to adding to their team/crew. The ship will be able to hold a crew of 16 characters. Now if they wish to further modify Cargo area they will be able to add 4 more slots. So the math is : 16-7= 9 slots. That is 9 more NPC slots out of 20 NPCs...and if they eat up half of their Cargo area they can add 9+4=13. So out of those 20 NPCs that they might find, they could have up to 13 NPCs join their crew. It will be hard Roleplaying for them to figure out whom they should or may want to bring along. They can not take them all. I know my players, I have GM'd them for 12+ years now.

5: Figure out how to clear the rubble away from the hangar doors and open them to get the space ship out of the hanger.
a: Deal with the massive amount of survivors that will want that ship to escape the planet with, thus take it from the players.

6: Leave the space port, and then make orbit and deal with Pirates that will be up there. Then decide where to go in this ship and the issues this ship will bring having it and being on it. Everyone will think that these guys are Imperial Llelish Special Ops Team on some secret mission, and depending on whom makes up the crew (7 PCs, with all the different NPCs) will set the possibilities. Each NPC has 1 Major, and 2 Minor plots that they are trying to pursue. Very few share any of these plots but some could. Now the PCs might also share some of these plots as well, but they will not know that anyone else shares their plots. I always have plots within plots within plots and it helps to guide the game roleplaying and direction within the games.

The players crew and ship will be TL 14 with skills and experience making them fit the role of a Imperial Special Ops Team and the crew skills will make them seem to be very much being the part. They will have the looks and feel , and with most of the Imperial Gov. gone they can bluff the part. The Mega Corps will consider them an asset or a major concern, and everyone will watch them and make guesses as to what is their purpose and goals.

In my game Imperial Special Ops Teams were "Above the Law" and were the Legal Arm of the Law everywhere in the Imperium. It is funny that in this campaign setting these players ARE playing as if they are Imp Spec. Ops team, usually they are being chased by them.




Cosmic Mongoose
Will they be able to repair the ship? Pay the crew? Is the tech base gone? are factories to build spare parts and tools still around? Finding an advanced ship is great until the turbo encabulator throws a cardinal grammeter and you need a new supernative whenal sprocket https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fjcJp_Nwvk :lol:

If the hardened base has an automated fabrication facility that allows new parts to be built then they may be able to rebuild the cities and start over, but if the lights are out all over then they may have to run for the deep and turn scavenger. It depends on how self sufficient you want them to be. You could also offer them the chance to strike a deal with a city that has the technical base surviving to keep them flying.

They may appear to be a Special Ops team, but remember irl a Special Ops team is the final tip of the spear of a massive set of infrastructure and logistics.


They will have the skills between the PCs and the NPCs to repair/refit the ship. Knowing my players they will want to repair the ship and get it Space worthy ASAP. The players just have to figure out how to do everything. Note that the ships "parts" for the refit are all there in the repair bay, the players just have to role play and play it out to just get it all done. Then they have for figure out how to escape the hanger and then leave the planet.

The planet has extreme weather, rainy season and then it turns cold in the winter and freezes and snows. Anyone that remains there during the winter are going to be hard pressed to survive the cold and the rest of the survivors looking for resources to survive with.

As the PCs go looking for "fuel" to power the backup power generators, survivors will start to realize that this facility is still working and in use. They will note the heat exhausts from the vents and that some of the defenses are still working or are manned. As more time passes more and more survivors will come looking for hope. Most will not know what the facility is really. The survivors will try but not be able to get in or the players will be able to drive them off with lethal force. Depending on what the players do, they will wear the Uniforms and folks will see that and think that they are Special Ops member. They are the LAW and they should be Defending us!!!

Everywhere they go, everyone is going to think that they are the LAW come to Defend them! Everyone is supposed to help them with their efforts and that they will play that up.

Now 1129 is not the end of the world, the Mega Corps of PELL Corp, G.T.E, and Trekoen are very much current and still thriving in Verge sector. They can produce the needed parts for a "price" and the players will just have to deal with that issue. Also as I said the NPCs that they have to choose from have special skills that can aid them in creating the false IDs and etc to bluff the way into believe they are whom they appear to be. Basically with the main Imperial forces mostly broken, they will not have much problem from that part. As long as they appear to follow the normal pattern of whom they appear to be then they will get along fine.

As for pay well surviving will be hard and they will do what they need to do and etc. Where there is will there is a way to survive...


Realize in my Game setting of 1129 the AI Virus never happened and the War between the different factions rages on. All of their boarders have greatly decreased, so their spheres of control have greatly pulled back. That means many local governments and Corps are left to defend themselves against whatever. Pirates are having a field day as well.

Stuff is harder to get, but trade still exists.



NOTE: they find three prisoners in Cold Sleep - Cryo Sleep


Each of these NPCs have a set of skills that will greatly aid the players in creating a fake ID and get the security codes and etc to bluff their way through many different situations. Also they have other skills and personalities and quirks that makes them "personalities". For us as a group Role Playing is key, so there is a lot more to gameplay then a skill roll and set of skills and stats.

Also the Tech Chief NPC that they will find well help them go a long way for refit and future repair of the ship and all its system. He is a NPC and is there as support, but the players will lead the adventure and decide the direction and etc. The NPCs are there for support and direction or misdirection and help the plot along and etc.

Whom knows what is in the mind of the GM, he's a DICK anyway...LMAO!!!