Emperor Mongoose
Ian McColum of Forgotten Weapons, aka 'Gun Jesus', has just released a video on youtube with a working, man-portable Gauss Rifle.
[link below]
Okay, now I know what I want for my next gopher gun.
Yeah, so this is what qualifies as "early prototype" - like an 1865 steam car, but still...
Hadn't considered the EMP danger, but it clearly didn't affect the video camera.
Well, it's not super-duper accurate either, but there isn't any function on the weapon to improve accuracy as yet.
Traveller sources [mostly CTT Book 4: Mercenary] tells us that the TL 13 Gauss Rifle magnets impart spin on a flechette, which provides the accuracy need without the flechette having to contact the barrel. This prototype weapon is simply throwing a .50 cal. [one-half inch] slug downrange.
But as Ian points out, the great-great-grandchildren of the GR-1 will be the sci-fi guns of the future.

Now if we could just get the fusion thing dealt with....
Sigtrygg said:
The CT gauss rifle is TL12...

So we're ignoring a major leap forward in technology just to quibble about a detail?
Yeah, that's Traveller fans all right... :D