[GK Games] Subsector Sale! 40% off June 19-24

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Cosmic Mongoose
Location! Location! Location!

Location is an important factor in real estate and it's an important factor in role-playing games. In honor of that concept, from now until June 24, all of our Subsector Sourcebooks, Unmerciful Frontier: The CCA Sourcebook, and Clement Sector (our core setting book) will be 40% off!

One of those subsector sourcebook is Hub! It's the location of the first settlements in Clement Sector following the opening of the wormhole from Earth Sector.

Here you will find The Hub Federation, a joint British-German venture that is the only interstellar polity in Clement Sector. The wartorn US colony of Sophronius is here as well as is the up and coming republic of Maximon. Here, too, is Kingston, home of the Caxtonist religion which requires a mindcomp in every citizen so they may commune with the prophet that they believe has uploaded himself into their worldnet.

Hub is only one of five subsector sourcebooks that give you detailed descriptions of the worlds of Clement Sector. These worlds can be used in a Clement Sector campaign or in any setting.

Join the adventure!