Gaming podcast - including some Conan discussion

My friends and I started a gaming podcast called "Twenty Buttons and Twenty Levers" a few weeks ago to discuss various topics, including some discussions of the Conan game. It's informal, and right now very crude. We're still working on some technical issues, and at some point, we'd like to set up a blog so listeners could comment.

The first episode talked about the Conan game and other campaigns we run in general terms; this week includes a discussion of the True20 system and a little convention news. We're going to try to include some humor, and it might not always be politically correct, but it's mostly for fun. We will, of course, have new product reviews and maybe some interviews. Interviews may even include fellow gamers - we'll see how they work out.

If you'd like to give it a try, here's how:

Here's the ITunes link:

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