Future Supplements


I just wanted to thank everyone at Mongoose Publishing for keeping the Babylon 5 dream alive. It seems that other than Role Playing Games(and the upcoming novels), neither the television, movie or publishing industries have any desire to continue the B5 franchise. I’m still surprised to this day that Warner Brothers does not realize what a cash cow B5 could be, in my humble option, it could have been what StarTrek was to Paramount. Onto, my main reason for this message, can you give us some hints on what supplements are being planned for the future. My wishlist is:

Belt Alliance
Thieves Guild
First Ones
I'd like to see companion volumes to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds book. They are a must in my opinion.

Also, I really want the Dilgar and the First Ones sourcebooks.
An Economics Supplement.

With a whole chapter on the Brakiri.

Another on Alliance economics.

Another on starships.

And yet another on new equipment.
For me the intrduction of the Galactic Guide, and the ability to generate new star systems, as well as the new races that are mentioned within, necessitates the introduction of at least three new suppliments.

First would be a book for the creation of new Races and/or Civilization, some of which may be starfaring.

Second would be a book for the creation of new/different technologies, within set rules of course. After all, with the intrduction of new Races, they may come up with new forms of technollogy

And finally, a boof cor the creation of new vehicles/starships. For the same as reasons as above.
My wish list would include...

The League of Non Aligned Worlds II, III and IV. The first book really just scratched the surface, but we need the Yolu, Hyach, Pak'Ma'Ra, Cascor, Grome, Hurr and Ipsha fleshed out (as well as the ones I've missed out...).

"War Without End"/Valen's War - I was disappointed how little coverage was given to this in the Minbari supplement (and a little relieved after reading the supplement it must be said...). There is a lot that can be fleshed out and it would be a fun era to be in :)
The master of Barad-dur would love to see sourcebooks on the following subjects:

the Drakh
the rest of the League
the Dilgar/Dilgar War Era
First Ones
Minbari War Era
Sequel to the Galactic Guide - covering new jump routes and the ones from Agents of Gaming, a few of which were mentioned in the core book, but haven't been shown on a Mongoose version of the jump route map yet.
the tv movies: In the Beginning, Thirdspace, River of Souls, Legend of the Rangers
Well, I've already mentioned what I would like (adventure-y type stuff), a book of worlds 'of the grid' so to speak (off of the jumpgate routes) would be kind of cool as well. It would be nice to have pocket book editions of the race books too. :)