[Freelance Traveller] September/October 2022 Issue is Posted!


Cosmic Mongoose
The September/October 2022 issue of Freelance Traveller is posted for download!

The theme for this year's TravellerCON/USA is "Psionics", and so is the theme for this issue of Freelance Traveller! Every article - all four of them - in "Doing It My Way" features rules for psionics, and both adventures have psionic connections as well. Even two of the reviews fit our theme, and even though it's not marked as such, one could make a case for the continuing Drinax graphic story as having a psionic connection, since one of the characters is a psion, even if she doesn't use her Talents in this installment...

We will be at TravellerCON/USA this year (October 14-16); we hope you will be, too!

Download this issue at the usual place:

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NOTE: It's been a while since we moved the PDFs to Google Drive, but we still see some people using (or sharing) apparently saved direct links to the PDFs on Freelance Traveller. DON'T DO THAT! You won't find them! Use the links on the index page of the issue of interest, or the links on the Cover Gallery page, which lead to the PDFs on Google Drive. ALL of the PDFs are available on Google Drive, right back to the introductory issue in 2009.