Forward Arc Drazi Sunhawk Varients

Hi all,

I shall be bringing my unblooded Purple Drazi fleet to the tournament. As all the Drazi ships are Boresighted I need some init sinks. Apart from one Vree scout the sinks will all be sunhawks, they are cheap and fun, problem is if they are being used as sinks and they only basically have boresight weapons they basically ain't going to get to fire a shot at all.....

So are there any legite sunhawk varients that are forward arc instead of boresight.

I seem to remember there is an eye hawk or something in the dilgar book. Is that tourney legal?

Can't find any forward arc sunhawks in SFOS.

If anyone knows of other great ideas then let me know

Cpt Kremmen
the Eyehask is a fan created ship in this instance, I doubt mongoose will be expecting people to use them ;-)

Drazi is as drazi does, i think your only forward arc otions are missile drazi.
Thanks Hiffano,

Am I getting confused? I was sure there was a Drazi ship in the Dilgar book?

Oh yes there is the missile one, i seem to remember it is a bit rubbish (10% of the missiles a Sag has) and is a skirmish level ship.

I should have said really I need a sunhawk varient that remains PATROL level so it is cheap, whole point of an init sink.

I should just buy another Vree scout but am trying to use as many sunhawks as I can, I painted them and they look really cool.

alas, not actually a drazi player, though I love the ships, so not really au fait with everything, you may just have to lump it, and expect one ship not to fire if it becomes the opening piece of the movement phase.
As for the official dilgar book, I honestly don't know, but I do know the Eyehawk was Rich bax's design
nope theres no Drazi ships in the Dilgar book, the Rich Bax ones WERE released as part of his Dilgar War campaign that was so proffessionally made it could easily be mistaken for an official one ;)

ps. the Darkhawk isnt that bad imho, its actually a pretty effective ships, just because its not as ridiculously overpowered as a sagitarius doesnt make it a bad design ;) (I think they got it about right in this case and the Sag should be closer to the Darkhawk not the otherway round (and thats coming from an EA player)
ah yes Id forgotten about the guardhawk. Trouble is its a bit poo except for scraping off the odd fighter. Still they have their uses.