Formorian Problem


I 've been reading up on Fomorian's from the main book. It's seems odd that a large bunch of reptilian-Fish people would be making their home on a sheet of ice.

Reptiles don't go into the cold.

Unless there is some other really good explanation for it.

I knwo it's fantacy and doesn't need to be real. There are parts of ithis were the fantacy has to mesh with abit of reality. Otherwise it stops making any sence at all.

I'm not too sure if this is cannon, to the comic either. It might be.
Now that you mention it, it does sound quite odd! :shock: :?
I think in the old Irish Book of Invasions the Fo(r)morians were just another tribe of humans, IIRC.
Perhaps the Slaine Fomorians have antifreeze for blood! :D
Well, Yeah I guess the Formorians really are a race of blood thirsty half- giant eskimoes.

You get away with alot suspending the laws of natural science in fantacy.

Besides the 'Land of the Young' has Dragons, that can be harvested for crystal and gems.
They are also said to have evolved from Pterdactyls. These fantastic descendants of the giant flying reptile, had also developed a way to survive in snow. Breathing Fire.

Perhaps Dragons and Fomorians share this same feature in their biology make-up that allows them to be in a enviroment not intended for their animal genus.
the formorians are in-human and only one strand was fish others were goat,bull etc the ice is were their dark gods are,they were in the books as settlers of ireland but always inhuman while slaines lot were more fay they came the speaks to me of the myths showing from the evil titans/monsters via celtic goddess worshipping heroes to normal man 8)
Fomorians are referred to as amphibians, fish and reptiles at various points in the comic.

Also it is not beyond reason to believe these could be warm blooded bad guys in any case (some theories about dinosaurs think they may have been warm blooded reptiles).
The flying variety of gaint Reptiles from that Dinoasuar era that have survived by growing patches of fur and the required glands for fire-breathing ( I'm not sure if this makes reptiles warm-blooded, though I'm sure it helps.) evolved into a type of Dragon.

Though, I wouldn't really put them into the same leage as the more magically gifted Dragons that have bronz or Golden scales and have grown to great size or the reptilian variety of Formorians for that matter.

I doubt very much that Slaine would have lowered himself to having a flying Formorian mount. He may try it as one off thing, though.
I just rawling the net for images of these Deep-One's of the Love-Craftian mythos. and found page you may interesting.,661&oid=2b883785f4c2f468&ei=UTF-8

Sorry about the messy link.
These Kaeden almost remind me of that other variety of Formorian shown in the 'Slaine, Books of Invasion'

The Brood Mother

Quinno-( Or Quillo-)Saur
Perhaps these are, as they are called great old ones.