? for V. Darlage on the Witchmen article


I'm confused about the Acolyte spell progression. Shouldn't Witch's Vigour be bumped back till they qualify with 3 different known sorcery schools for learning Immortality? If so, what should replace it?

I'm running some major NPC baddie's who will be progressing along the same rate as the party so as to be a long-term pain in their side (staying about 3 levels ahead at a time). They're a renegade Witchwoman and her apprentice who are still part of the organization as of now so that'll be their next spell choice but will be breaking from it later.
Instead of Witch's Vigour take Calm of the Adept (which was my original intention, which allows the character to take Gelid Bones later. I must have simply been thinking one thing and typing another). Since L. Sprague de Camp had Louhi change shapes, the Hyperboreans have access to that style.

The spell at 9th character level (7th level Witchman) was also left off. Just make that Darting Serpent or Warrior Trance, or the character can take the +2 skill points option.
I have a question along these lines as well. When are we going to get an errata sheet for the various spells with errors (Swell requiring Illusion which has higher magic attack prereq, for example).

I am not going to complain about the errors, but I am wondering if there is a place we should be sending errors we have found in the books.
Also, is there a place to send recommended changes?

Anyhow, that's all for now. Hopefully one of the MongooseX's will see this question and post about it.
*grins* Later!