Finest question


In Hyboria's Finest the Defensive Combatant feat list includes a feat that appears should have been included in the Feats section, but is nowhere to be found. Improved Shield Bash* is this feat supposed to be included?

If it was, does it function like D&D3x or at a reduced ability like Gunderman Pike and Shield? Hopefully the latter, as it seems too good as written in 3.5.
page number? I can't find it in Finest.

EDIT: Okay, I see it mentioned on p. 71, column b.
Perhaps Vincent Darlage wrote it, but it got edited out for space reasons (???)
Nope, not this time. My mistake. I originally had it in the book, but I took it out myself - and forgot to remove the reference. The feat wasn't in the material I sent to Mongoose. That was my flub.

Sorry. :oops:
RichardAshenden said:
Could those of us that bought the book get some more info on the missing feat?

No. I took it out because it didn't feel right to me. I wanted to rework it - but I haven't reworked it yet. I am sure it will show up one of these days when I have a chance to revisit it.
Thank you Vincent, that was a quick and informative reply.

Well since it isn't written yet, here's an idea....

Improved Shield Bash: Allows characters to retain some bonus to DV while shield bashing. If a character uses his shield to bash he/she reduces the shields bonus to Parry/Dodge by -1 for each bash until the characters next round.