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While that works for non-propulsion components like weapons, shields and cargo, it doesn't work so well for propulsion, which is based on Hull volume.
I set an approximate hull, fill it with what I need, and then increase hull size until it fits... or dump stuff that I don't really need to make tonnage. Either way, using any sort of spreadsheet for that makes it easy. For mine, I wanted a tab for each step in the HG flowchart so I don't have to scroll TOO far down the page.
Propulsion is not based on %'s?
Maneuver is all %
Reaction is all %
Jump is a mix of % and Fixed.
(as per page 16 of highguard update)

You want J2, M2? That is 5fixed dtons + 7%
Power is a little more complicated, but, is 10% power required based on total volume. So, this needs working the ratio of power per dton ie TL8 Fusion TL 8 is 10 power = 1% to cover needs, while Fusion TL 15 needs .5% Chemical is 5 power = 2% per jump etc.,
All calculable percentages.
Fuel etc., is all percentages when worked out, based upon wanted performance.

So, pick your wanted performance, pick your wanted fixed space and % based mission items, that would tell you your hull requirements.
That % is % of hull size. So I am not sure the point you are arguing here, or that we are not saying the same thing, but talking past each other... Although I suspect the argument would be better made on a High Guard book thread than a designer thread for a spreadsheet that tries to mostly conform to the rules in that book.
Hello - still testing High Guard designs using the sheet. Decided to go backwards to smaller simpler designs. It appears that the virtual gunner software has no impact on the number of calculated crew (gunners)



The calculated number of GUNNER on the [Crew] tab doesn't change, regardless of input from the [Computer] tab.
Thanks. I'll take a look at that.
It may be that I was just using custom for those.
Hopefully will get something on it shortly.
Virtual Gunner now subtracts from Civilian and Military Gunner count. (One virtual gunner replaces all military crew for the automated system)

You will still need to use the Custom Crew setting to select which virtual crew members are replaced.

Current Version: 2023.08.29
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The next update will have a reminder on the Crew tab of how many Virtual Crew (non-Gunner) were installed via software. That way, you won't forget you paid for them.
Not worth its own update in my opinion.
There is an error in the calculation of officers for both civilian and military, the attempt to include the calculation of medics is dividing the whole formula by 120 and then rounding down.
Thought question: should the calculation for officers for civilians round up to have one officer for crews of 1-20? Then the military side rounds down because the Captain covers the position for crews of 1-10.
Thanks, I got mixed up on the (), and the correct divisor is now in that position.
In civilian ships, the Captain is the lead officer. Officers occur at 1/20 full crew, with the captain being the lead officer. So on a small ship, the captain is the owner or the senior crewmember.
On a military ship there is a Captain regardless of the number of crew AND an officer per ten full crew.

-Added reminder for Virtual Crew from the Computer Tab. You will need to use a custom crew option to remove those, and not the virtual positions in the comments section
-Correction to officer calculations

Current Version: 2023.09.07

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I might be missing it, but I can't seem to find where the option for 'Fuel Tank Compartments' is located (High Guard Update 2022, pg 49) It does not seem to be in the 4-Fuel or 12-Cargo tabs. Is this option available within the spreadsheet and I'm just missing it; or is it not a valid selection?
On an unrelated note, no matter what choices I choose I always get a red-filled block on the 'Record Sheet' tab for 'Staterooms' and I cannot figure out why. I've tried various combinations of things in the 10-Crew and 11-Staterooms tabs, but things always remain red. Since the field is protected, I can't view the logic behind why the field is red/yellow/unfilled. I don't know if it's applicable to the issue, but changing the 11-Staterooms field 'Use Residential Zone for Crew' between 'Yes' and 'No' gives me a warning at the bottom of either "Circular Reference T38" or "Circular Reference T49" respectively. I'm not sure what to post to help figure out the issue.

I also cannot figure out why under 'Required Power->Unused' the number is a negative number, and the box is yellow.

Out of curiosity, in the 1-Hull tab, is there a reason that 'Wedge' replaced 'Streamlined' as a Hull Type? Because not all streamlined hulls are wedge shaped, e.g. Empress Marava Far Trader.
I will have to check on the others, but the shapes are a holdover from previous versions. Wedge is not the only streamlined shape.
A screenshot would be helpful on your circular reference and staterooms issues. It is always red until you enter enough rooms to accommodate the current calculated crew.
Ok, here's some screenshots of the 'Record Sheet', 10-Crew, 11-Staterooms tabs. Hopefully these will help figure out my stupidity.


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Thanks for this great spreadsheet. One question, I couldn't find fuel/cargo containers (HG 2022 p49) in the fuel or cargo tabs, are they missing or I am looking in the wrong place?