ENNies Nominations

Eryx said:
Congrats on getting a couple B5 products nominated for the ENWorld awards. Good luck.

Which ones, and speaking as a gaming novice, what are the ENWorld awards? And also who/what are ENWorld. Anything to do with the new magazine next month?

EN World is one of the best D&D/D20 fan sites/forums on the net. Every year at the Summer Gen Con convention, they hold awards for fan voted products.

Mongoose are in for:

Best Official Website.
Best Publisher (Overall).
Best Setting Suppliment: Centauri Fact Book.
Best Licensed Product: Babylon5 RPG.


The voting should start soon, so keep an eye out. :)
I went over and gave my best to the Hero system and Mongoose. Glad they did not compete in any categories. The voting system is terrible! I think they use to be in charge of voting in Florida and have now brought there system to the gaming world :)

There were some awful choices in the various D&D categories, with some top notch products missing, but I did my bit for Mongoose.
Unfortunately the Army web service has struck again and I will be unable to vote in the Ennies as the site is blocked. Hooray for sensorship. :x
Dag that makes absolutly NO sence whatsoever.... and what does the military have against "Games".... gota love the Military hence why "Military Intelegence" is an oxymoron...... but I did vote myself...... Long Live the Mongoose