Encumbrance rules misprint?

Smiling Fox

After my Kai Lord bought some heavy stuff, he's now has a medium load. When I checked up the check penalties I saw something that surprised me. According to the rules the check penalty doesn't only apply to skills but also to Reflex saves and attacks done with dexterity. I compared it with the main D20 rules and couldn't find any similar penalties. According to the Lone Wolf rules you got the following problem:

A) A person carries a heavy shield and a chainmail shirt. He gets -4 in Armour Check Penalty. This applies to skills.

B) A person carries no armour but has a medium load. He gets -3 in Check Penalty. This applies to skills, Reflex saves and attacks that use Dex as characteristic.

Should it be this way? If I carry a medium load do I get -3 to Ref saves but -4 to skills?
Ok SF Rising Phoenix here from TOTS. Nice to see ya. Heres the thing. Lone Wolf, Dosn't use the D20 handbook, Its a stand alone. And is a case of apply the worse result, don't use both. Hope this helps.