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I still play B5Wars... a lot!

It is just that, back a long while ago, I managed to get a store that was going out of business to sell me their entire B5Wars collection at a huge discount... so I have a lot of excess books... a lot of excess minis... and I am passing the savings on to you! ;)

And thanks -- I am still around. :)
In order to avoid the inevitable sorts of things that drove me away from these forums in the first place, if you would like to discuss that, we can do it off-line.

My e-mail is available here on this site.
I know they're cheap as hell, but I've no more gaming money (and I must pay for that shining new PC), so I must pass it up, sadly... :cry: Hopefully, there will be a next time somewhere down the line.

Not wishing to wake any old demons, but this board did lose a great member when you left. We miss your imput, but I understand...

Just hope you're doing fine.