Drinaxian Companion - Now on Pre-Order & Ebook!


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The Drinaxian Companion is finally here, bringing you a whole new wave of material for your piratical campaigns!

You can grab the ebook edition or pre-order the printed book (and get the ebook for free!) right here: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/uk/drinaxian-companion.html

Travellers in North America can get theirs right here: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/us/drinaxian-companion.html


The Drinaxian Companion is an expansion to both the Trojan Reach and the Pirates of Drinax campaign, and useful for any and all pirate-based adventures in Traveller.

This volume presents additional rules and adventure possibilities, along with a useful summary of the Pirates of Drinax campaign and locations featured within it. New aspects of the Trojan Reach sector are explored with Central Supply Catalogue and High Guard additions that cover the Sindalian Empire, base building, and new starships such as the Rorix Command Vessel, Cestion Strike Boat, and the ECITS modular system that permits the quick and easy customisation of a standard vessel to accommodate a massive range of functions.

Inside you will find:

* Guidance on running the campaign with new perspectives and schemes the Travellers can attempt.
* A complete Assets and Factions system, allowing the Travellers to build a network of havens and supporting organisations across the sector.
* A detailed look at the nature of piracy and counters to it.
* Rules for building pirate bases from scratch, ensuring there is always a safe place to run to when the Imperial Navy arrives.
* A deep dive into specific locations and patrons found within the Trojan Reach.
* Stories From Sindal, a system that allows Travellers to research and chase up rumours of caches and other secrets from the lost Sindalian Empire.
* Personalities and factions from the Trojan Reach, ready to be inserted into any campaign,
* First Prize, an introductory adventure that can be played before Pirates of Drinax to introduce Travellers to the wonderful world of piracy!

The Drinaxian Companion also includes the following ebooks:

* The Torpol Cluster
* Theev
* Friends in Dry Places
* Gods of Marduk
* Liberty Port
* Lions of Thebus
* Revolution on Acrid
* The Cordan Conflict
* Harrier Class Commerce Raider
* Ship Encounters


Banded Mongoose
So out of curiosity, what is the status of the Hardcopy... Is it due to be printed soon,
on the high seas, or just awaiting...

Not pushing hard, its 2020, I know there is all sorts of production/distribution delays/problems for
every company.. just curious, if there is any type of status available.



Emperor Mongoose
MongooseMatt said:
We have not got a shipping date yet, but it is at the printers right now!

I'll send the Harrier over to confiscate the shipment on the grounds of state security.


Banded Mongoose
Can we get an update on when we might see the hardcopy version of this book? The ebook is nice and all, but I'm old school when it comes to lining up those hardcover on my shelves.


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Bense said:
Can we get an update on when we might see the hardcopy version of this book? The ebook is nice and all, but I'm old school when it comes to lining up those hardcover on my shelves.

Well, it was going to be a surprise (!), but we start shipping tomorrow :)


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Ursus Maior said:
But, I have had a hardcover saying "Drinaxian Companion" next to my desk for some time now...?

TL 21+ timeloop?

Or you were lucky enough to get one of the super-rare advance copies from the printers...