Dredd RPG on ebay



Someone's selling a stack of Dredd RPG books for 99 pence!

A good set of lots, I've got my eye on one of the mixed ones already.

One of the books from it will be going spare if I win. Cost of postage plus best bribe will get you it if i win.

Hop noone bids against me and only wants the bit I don't want!

I see you have the same level of imagination and diversity for your online IDs that I do . . .


The Dredd lot is getting pretty high already. Fortunately the one I'm interested in is staying quiet (for now).

"No boom today, boom tomorrow, there's always a boom tomorrow!"

Good luck to us all.

lastbesthope said:
I see you have the same level of imagination and diversity for your online IDs that I do . . .


at last count I have 14 toothillman sign ons that I use often :D my problem is all the passwords are differant :shock:
Mysign on is either my e-mail or lastbesthope, and occassionalyy they were both the same.

Keeps it easy to remember apart from the passwords as you say.

Here's hoping we don't end up bidding against each other anytime. Don't worry, the cities lot is all yours as far as I'm concerned.


Thought you might be going for a certain lot containing a game we have both developed an interest in recently.

I'm just trying to save myself some money, all the books seem to be in good nick from this guy, in most of his lots anyway. ANd where they're not, he says so.

I haven't toothill, I was merely expressing an opinion based on the photos on the auction pages for this guys other auctions. I have never had dealins with this seller before. He seems to be having a clear out atm.

Sorry for any misunderstanding

Heya guys, if you want to know a bit more about this seller check out this link:


Does he sound familiar? :wink:
Lead Test Pilot of the Armageddon 2089 RPG, Ian Sturrock.

And I'm bidding on his A:2089 lot. although the Dredd lot seems to be where all the real bidding action is!

it is how I fund my mongoose habit with the bits and pieces which am happy to get rid of have kept my mongoose collection,my dragon and polyhedron mags.battle games in middle earth but leaves shelves of stuff to go and with my comic collection and my pulp novel collection will be selling for some time :shock:
I've found it hard to part with gaming stuff, especially since having to spend mucho dinero re-acquiring a whole heap of 80's GW Dredd stuff that I stupidly sold years ago. :roll:

But them I'm not married and still rather irresponsible ... :p I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to buying and keeping rpg stuff.

Hope you guys score some bargains off Ian, but then I also kinda hope he does well from the auctions just because of the efforts he put in with A2089, Slaine and Conan. Good luck to all concerned! :D

Toothill, are you looking to sell any Polyhedrons with Star Wars d20 content? I missed the boat there and would like to acquire them some day.

Similarly, what kind of pulp novels are you getting rid of?
have a almost complete set of polyhedron and have a collection of fu-manchu and tarzan pulps which will get rid of one day but am in no way finished with the role playing stuff yet same goes with my large collection of swamp thing comics and other vertigo lines use the same name on e-bay so worth having a look every now and then 8)