Dredd campaign website


Ok, this is mainly for my own game but I thought I would share as I have a couple of adventures detailed on there as well as a citizen database which works with the campaigns, and a sector map which is very handy in my games as it's clickable and stuff. I don't intend for this site to be anything other than a tool for my own games but you are welcome to use anything from it for your own games and stuff.

It is at http://www.califia.plus.com/sector69/

As it is there for my own use in-game, it is full of in-jokes and it does contain stuff that might bemuse.

very very"nice numanti,

id like to use some of your ideas for my own campaign if that is ok with you. :)

i would of course give credit to you for all your hard work
either way you did a great job. :wink: