DM Help {Drow War} spoilers


So my group is playing the Drow War and so far tend to fail at everything. Well they actually found out about the Drow on the Barrowghast and went to confront them. The ill timing of this is that it's after the Drow corrupted the node. Well two players died and were left behind. They also lost the Sword Of Starkweather John. They then fled to Caldaraza before the battle and the are severely under leveled now. One's fifth level the other two are fourth and the other two are dead.

So any suggestions on what I can do. It would be hard introducing new characters since if I remember correctly the node in Crescent City is hard to find. (I usually introduce new characters through the node.)

Any help would be welcomed, thanks.
Get the Drow to hunt for them on the island, force them to flee. I would suggest adding in few extra side adventures on the new continent to get them up levels, they really need to be seventh. Perhaps the adventures are to introduce new characters.
You could also add your own node somewhere away from where the adventures take place.
Thanks for the help, I decided to introduce a mysterious island that the players will get shipped wrecked on. In between Saragost and Crescent City. Should work out well, hopefully.