My local retailer, in true Paranoia style, has pointed the finger of blame at their distributors for failing to have the GM Screen in stock. The distributors, in true distributor style, have stonewalled any attempt by me to get further information. Does anyone at Mongoose know what this is about, and if so then when will the GM Screens be available on the west coast, specifically central California? I can feel the communist hordes closing in if I don't get hold of that GM Screen soon...
I believe the main distributor for our area is Alliance Games? According to my local gaming store, the local rep is on vacation or some such, and cannot be reached.

I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, by the way, I was just looking for a timeframe or some information about what is holding up the product. I've told my cohorts that commies are responsible, but that only works for so long. :)

We had a lag here in Australia too. I've had the rulebook for a couple of glorious weeks now and have just had word that my FLGS will have the GM screen on the 16th (YAY!)
Looks like the commies were vanquished! We're getting our supply in tomorrow.

Thanks Mongoose! I know that it was you, and not total coincidence, that brought this about. You're the best!

Our local retailer also uses Alliance Games as a distributor, and has been trying to place an order for my wife since November. I finally broke down and ordered it from Mongoose Publishing -- AG tends to be a black hole when it comes to orders.

Sadly, our game store got a copy of Crash Priority a few months ago, without soliciting one, from AG. My wife and I snatched it up and gave it a good home. Perhaps a quick poke in the ribs is in order for Alliance the Neglectful?
Just wondering if any Aussie Players have got their hands on 'Crash Priority' yet? I've had oone on order at my FLGS for weeks now and there is still no sign of arrival.