Differences between Original MWWG's and New MWWG?

I have the original Macho Women With Guns (purchased in a Plastic Bag, Photocopy, 5-10 pages).

I'm curious what does the new Hard Cover bring to the table?


That's right, a real geniune hard cover that can be opened and closed, and has drawings of women. "MACHO WOMEN WITH GUNS" is boldly displayed on the spine, where you can read it when the book is shelved with all your other gaming books. :) :)

As you can see, you have a lot more pages in the hardcover than were in the original photocopy. It's up to date D20 Modern, complete with the gaming license, which means you can use all your D20 stuff with this setting, and use the setting's stuff in your other D20 games.

The book is quite filled with good information. The occupations and advanced classes are entertaining, the feats and heinous drawbacks are entertaining to read. The different regions of the world are well detailed.

Also, the storyline is updated to include mention of the Catkins diet. It is definitely worth the money, and brings a lot to the table. Certainly, a lot less thought went into this product than goes into a typical Privateer Press product for Iron Kingdoms (where they spend a year working out the econo-social dynamics of the invasion of Llyel on the price of coal in Khador before they release the World Guide).

I don't know what the original game was like, but the D20 version certainly benefits from all the tactical goodness of the D20 system. I highly recommend picking it up.

I also hope Mongoose someday publishes more material on this game, especially adventures. hint hint.
There is two Mongoose adventures: Adolf Hitler: Porn Star and The Sex Presidents, both available as pdfs IIRC.

The real, significant difference is: colour!
I don't know if my proposed history is still on these threads, but I've been spending way too much time to deciding how the MWWG world will look by the end of the 21st Century.

I will have to split Latvia into Latvia and Latervia, so that the Latvians and Latervians can be annoyed when people mix them up.

Especially since in 2077 both Latvia and Latervia are ruled under the iron fist of Mistress Doom.
I didn't create an Erica Magnus character, although now I might.

Mistress Doom spends much of her time visiting New York City, which due to global warming is now underwater. She battles various mermaids who have super powers, however.
I am eager to start up an online live-chat Macho Women with Guns campaign! There are sites such as www.mirc.com, or www.openrpg.com where you can download software for real-time chat-room based role-playing! I've done it before with D&D and can't wait to try it with MWWG! I'll run it myself if I must; and put my own spin on it. Personally, I've always thought it was a bit monotonous that *all* Post-apocalyptic settings take place in a sand-blasted desert. Instead, the post-nuke world will mutate into a steamy, swampy marshland: loaded with evil, giant insects, carnivorous amphibians, and funky, aphrodisiac mushrooms. In such a humid, sweaty setting, anything more than a chainmail bikini will seem downright stuffy. We'll play up the 'historical misconception' device, with the sweaty women-warriors after The Dang burdened with hilarious misconceptions about life in the Olden days. (Let us offer sacrifice to Washington, Ancient God of Money and Commerce!)
I'm just hoping to find a few people interested! If this appeals to you at all, then email me directly and I'll start setting things up!