dark bordello?

toothill man

great title can anyone give some details please :D ie assuming it is a adventure,is it based on a book or is it new. also were is it set and for which level of party thank you in advance 8)
As far as I know Dark Bordello doesn't exist anymore. It has been renamed and called, "Conan and the Lurkers of Nahab".

Eric in Vegas
if that is right :? they have put the older title on both the coming releases and the conan page which is odd :shock: but under what ever title have you any more details old boy 8)
I don't think I can give you too many details without getting into trouble. I know I can tell you the adventure is set in Shadizar-City of Wickedness and that it is not for begining characters. Is that enough? :lol:

Eric in Vegas
some thing is better than nothing and if you cannot say anymore we understand of the two titles I do prefer the dark title :wink: :twisted:
Actually I liked that title "Dark Bordello" also. However when you get to see the adventure you will see that the new title fits better. Also there has been a strange trend to naming adventures with the title, "Dark or Black..." lately.

Eric in Vegas