Cybernet - Cyberware


Want to be the life of the party. Trying to get that someone special intrested in you. Or maybe you just want to turn heads at the office. Ars Natura presents you with a perfect solution. Custome Phermone Implants. Available in a three custom designed scents:

Beast, drive every woman crazy with a simple glance. +2 Charisma when dealing with female characters.

Beauty, drive every man crazy with a simple glance. + 2 Charisma when dealing with male characters.

Machine, that sweet smell of motor oil and industrial lube. + 2 Charisma when dealing with Cyberware freaks and 'Borgs.

With a simple operation the custom gland is implanted just under each arm to augment the natural release of body odor, with our trademark phermones. An Affordable DC:18 purchase price, we feel everyone can benefit from our hardworking scientists.

**Manufacturer's Note: Not all persons may be influenced in the desired way. We here at Ars Natura, take no responsiblity for misuse of our product, nor are we responsible for any unwanted psycosis that may occur due to stalkers, groupies, or the attraction of cyberpsychosis sufferers.**
EYE Color Chip
A small galnd in the back of the eye activates 6 to 8 weeks after birth and changes your eye color from blue to whatever. Thanks to Modern Cybernetic research, a small chip can be implanted, allowing you to change your eye color to almost every color you can think of, all with out the aid of cyber optics. (for you purists out there)

Game Notes:
Eye Color Chip / Install DC 12 / Purchase DC 14 / Gamma = Basic Chip / Self Cost 1 pnt.
Eye Color Takes 1D4 minutes to shift and grants a +1 skill bonus to disguise Checks.