Custom inspections on starport arrival


Banded Mongoose

I am quite sure of remembering a detailed article about customs inspections and skill checks for travellers seeking to introduce illegal items on the planet (weapons, drugs,...)

It was taking in account TL of the starport, type of detection available (X-Ray scanners, Chemical scanners) and so on...

Unfortunately I am unable to find it anywhere...after some hours of searching.

Anyone knows what article I am talking about ? Or did I dream of it ...

Thanks for your help fellow travellers!
A few things to take into account. First is it an Imperial starport or not? If it's Imperial then they will have between TL-12 and TL-15 equipment to use. Smaller, more out of the way worlds will have a variety. Since ports are the location where smuggling often occurs, expect custom officials to be wise to where you can hide stuff and have better equipment than the local TL. Better equipment means more tax revenue (or pocket money for the inspector). There are a lot of variables one can play with.

Generally speaking the lower the starport code, the less likely they'll have state-of-the-art equipment. The law level / government type will affect what they are willing to invest in as well. And, keep in mind that the common ships have been seen around literally hundreds of years. All the common hiding places are well known and documented.
Central Supply Catalogue has a few pages about availability, legality, and attempts to evade the latter.
There's also Port of Entry by Independence Games that goes into this quite a bit. And GURPS Traveller has Far Trader that has a section on port operations such such.