[Conversions] BERSERK


I read the first two issues of the translated BERSERK manga at Borders last night... and I've seen some of the anime series as well (the Manga being superior in my mind... and more inline with this post).

It struck me as an excelent setting to run using the CONAN rpg as the engine... both are brutal, bloody, and deadly systems (though BERSERK may have more of a mook-factor than CONAN proper).

Terrible humanity destroying sorcery? Check.

Moody sullen-eyed (er... eye) swordsman? Check.

Bloody vengence? Check.

And as an added bonus the main character has a mechanical arm- Army of Darkness style.

Check it out.

Well, if we look at the Manga as opposed to the anime, we can see that Guts is a superbly skilled fighter. However, despite Puck's claim that he's a master swordsman, and his title of Black Swordsman, I'd stat him along the lines of barbarian (lots)/soldier (2 or 3.)

His upbringing and life has been in a state of almost constant strife, and he's survived on his own more often than not.

You'll also note that Guts uses EVERYTHING to deadly effect. Repeating crossbow, throwing knives, swords, peices of masonry...

Versitility at its finest, no?

I like this idea and had it myself...perhaps we could do a conversion?

After all...most of the book is OGL.