Contradiction in the Rulebook about languages



On page 8, you can read "You apply your character's Intelligence modifier to: - The number of languages your character knows at the start of the game"

On page 102, you can read "You start at 1st level knowing one language" and down the page "Characters in Lone Wolf don not get any bonus languages for a high Intelligence score; these are purchased with skill points as detailed above".

So, what is the correct answer?

By the way, is there any "errata" we can check for the LW Ruelbook?

Sorry for the threadnomancy and if this is answered somewhere else, haven't spotted it yet (working through the forum)

LW character classes can have multiple languages listed in the table, yet characters are only supposed to have one language each

So, do the classes get all the languages in the table for free? And can a Sommlending BCS get Sommlend as a language for free (I understand BCSs are supposed to be from lots of races, but seems odd that Sommlending ones forget their racial language when they are intelligent)

I must admit I would be tempted to combine with the old intelligence rules - you get one language, your racial, yet can pick additional languages from the class language table only, one for each point of intelligence bonus.