Conan the Dark Axe

Found this...linked and downloaded the demo and played the 2 levels ... I definately like what I saw. I'm looking forward to it's release.

*bump* ^^

just chased up this thread with the forum search... please bear with me for posting a computer game question to this board.

I bought the Dark Axe game almost two years ago, played some, then kinda lost interest mid-way and then dug it out again last week. Still had my old savegames so I could pick up where I left it.

So if any of you has got this game (PC version) maybe you can help me with a little problem there:

I just have found the final piece (pommel) to the Atlantean Sword. However, I don't get the sword. As a matter of fact, the blade is missing from my inventory. I am absolutely 100% positive that I picked the blade up in Kordava.
I noticed the blade missing several levels after that (last year), I even asked this question on the semi-official message board ( and was told that it didn't matter, I should just keep on playing, I'd get the sword anyway.
Well, now my fears have come true and I am not getting the Atlantean Sword. I wants it!
I'd ask at the forum again but the forum is dead (last question is from April and never got answered).

So please, anyone here can help me? Is there some kind of cheat or hack or other way I can restore the missing piece _without_ playing the whole frigging bloody game all over again?
You are my only hope. ^^ Thanks for your efforts.

P.S.: maybe anyone has a savegame of Keshan (the labyrinth continues) with the Atlantean sword?

This URL has a walk through for the XBox version of the game. I don't know if it works for the PC version but it's a pretty good match for the PS2 one so maybe all the versions are the same....
Hm, can't connect to that page. Actually I'm using this walkthrough:
EDIT: now was able to open it, and it's the same file. ^^

The game is pretty linear anyway, basically you just need a walkthrough to make sure you don't miss out on any weapons and armour.

It's really strange, there are several bugs in the game but next to no documentation on the web. No savegames to be found ( seems to have had some but the links are dead), no official support pages.

I guess I may have to load a Trainer and replay the whole game in God mode. :evil: Not sure if I'm going to have the patience, though.