Conan RPG: Inspirational Posters


Okay. Who here has not seen The Motivator yet?

Neat little toy that, with no Photoshop experience needed, lets you create your own mock inspirational posters. Just type in your slogan and a title - select a picture or a weblink... and save.

This has been making the rounds on many other fourms, but I noticed that for all of the things relating to various RPGs that people have been making, nobody has done the Conan RPG.

Sadly, my prefered Conan artsite seems to have closed down... so I couldn't find a truly good picture for this one... but I figure that nothing says gratutious sex and violence like wenches and skulls, even if it IS a little cartoony.

Probably not work safe, even as a cartoon...

Let us see what we can all make!
Thanks. The muse took me again this afternoon since surprisingly nobody on RPG.Net seems to have done anything with the movie, despite some pretty good lines.




Inspirational? Yes.
Poster. No.

It's more of an animation. You'll have to wait to let it load first.
(I happen to like the movie, so all you Milius-haters will just have to deal!) :lol:
Thamilon said:
This one I REALLY like... and it has just the right feel (and image) that I honestly think it could be worked up as a "parody poster" of the classic "waiting room" Inspiration posters.

The other images are either a bit too fuzzy or too "crowded" or even perhaps movie-specific (ie. you have to have seen the movie to recognize the scene).

But even if someone hasn't seen Conan The Barbarian... the message with the sword alone is enough to give the right "feel". ;)
See, the much as I like the art on this one better, I think the first one (the one that is linked to without an image tag) does it better, simply because it has sex AND violence. :D