Conan Fate Points for B5

El Cid

I am going to add Fate Points to my B5 cmpaigns from the Conan game.

Each player starts with 1 Fate Point and gains one at each level or at the descretion of the GM for exceptional role playing.

The Conan game gave three at the start.

Spending a Fate Point, allows an otherwise "DEAD" PC to have been left for dead after combat.

What do the rest of you think?
Tegman said:
Sounds like a good idea, especially if it is an action-oriented campaign/adventure.

I've often wondered whether to add something like this to a game myself, but making them really, really limited. Sort of like a player may have two or three in their lifetime, tops. I'd toyed with calling them 'Destiny Points', or something like that, and only giving them to PC's and very important NPC's. I've not got the Conan book, so I'm not sure about the existing mechanics.

The only concern with using something like this is that players can meta-game somewhat, by charging into situations that are beyond them knowing full well that they have fate/character/destiny points that can save them.

Either that, or something like:


Destiny Points
At certain times in their lives, characters in the Babylon Five universe have reached for and achieved their destiny, for good or for evil. Whether they have strived for it for noble ends, or in a bid to raise their own self-importance and status, the fact remains that the achievement of these goals rise above and beyond the norm. Even Zathras said it to Jeffrey Sinclair aboard Babylon 4, "You... have... a destiny."

At certain points during a campaign, the Gamesmaster may award players Destiny Point's, for exceptional play, heroic sacrifice or even original and interesting ideas during creation of their character's history. It is not recommended that a player has more than one or two Destiny Points at any one time, to ensure game balance is not adversely affected.

These points may be used in two ways, actively or defensively.

Destiny Points either be declared at the start of the turn, and will offer an increased chance of succeeding at a particular task. The declaration of a Destiny Point being spent will offer a +3 competence bonus for one single skill roll. This skill roll can only be for an action that lasts for a single game turn, not any long-term actions.

Destiny Points can also be used defensively. When instructed to make a reflex, willpower or fortitude save, the player can announce that they wish to spend a Destiny Point, to add a +3 bonus to the roll. Alternatively, a player who is reduced to less than 0 hit points can spend a Destiny Point to prevent any further hit point loss (if additional damage is not caused) for 1D6 rounds. After that period is up, hit point loss may continue as normal.

Possible examples of Destiny Point Usage in Babylon 5
* Steven Franklin, at the near-fatal end of his walkabout.
* Jeffrey Sinclair, making a concentration roll under very difficult circumstances, to ram a Minbari cruiser at the Battle of the Line.
* Delenn, spending a Destiny Point to convince the EarthForce Captains to take their ships and leave Babylon Five (Messages from Earth).
* Marcus Cole, trying to stay alive against Neroon.

Destiny Points may have repercussions above and beyond the skill roll, for GM's to use. The Delenn situation above, for example, may be remembered by those intimidated Captains for quite some time, likewise a few in the the Warrior Caste may regard Marcus Cole and Human rangers generally in a different light, if they hear of how nobly he fought against Neroon, in Valen's name.


Just my thoughts... please delete as neccesary...

For use to increase the ability to perform an almost impossible task, I'd suggest Spycraft's Action Dice.

Players get 3d4 Action Dice from level 1 to 3 (if I recall correctly) at the start of a game session. If unused during play, they are lost.

At higher levels the get bigger dice to use d6, d8, etc.

They can be used to:

Increase a skill check. Roll an action Dice and if the largest number is rolled you may repeat the roll. Add the total(s) to the PC's normal skill roll.

Confirm a Critical hit.

Confirm a Failure (1 on a d20)

There are a few other things but I don't have my Spycraft book here.

The GM gets d12s for his Action Dice, 3 plus one per PC. These can be used to keep important villians alive.

During play the GM may award an extra Action Dice to a player for exceptional play and the GM gets an extra AD for eact that he awards.
I'm using a the Mutants and Masterminds hero points. I've allocated a arbitrary three points per session.

They can be used to:

Reroll one dice result, with a minimum of ten on the reroll.

Stabilise an unconcious character.
Honesly, I use these, but don't tell the players that they have them. This allows me to keep the metagaming to a minimum and also allows the roleplaying to become truly interesting sometimes.

Ain't I a stinker :twisted:
Dag'Nabbit said:
Honesly, I use these, but don't tell the players that they have them. This allows me to keep the metagaming to a minimum and also allows the roleplaying to become truly interesting sometimes.

Ain't I a stinker :twisted:

Nope, not in the slightest. In fact, IMHO you're actually enhancing the game by keeping their attention focused on the game rather than the mechanics that they can use to further their goals.


Well, thank you.

I think the worst thing I did to a group was similar to what happened to Garibaldi. I hit one of my players with something truly wicked that he didnt' see coming. Told him how much damage it did, which happened to be enough to kill him. Told my players to roll initiative for the next round, wrote those down. Then told them that I would see them next week. You should have seen the looks of disbelief. Moments like that make GM'ing so much fun.