Conan d20 for Simon of Gitta


One thing I'd really like to try to do (I see no reason why it shouldn't work) is to do a campaign based on the Simon Magus stories by Richard Tierney, collected in Chaosium's SCROLL OF THOTH, as well as "The Throne of Achamoth" in THE AZATHOTH CYCLE. Basically, it's a Biblical era Roman Empire setting (so right there it's yummy!) mixing the Cthulhu Mythos, good ol' Gnostic heresy, and the Hyborian Age. In fact, in one story, Simon talks with the ghost of Epimetreus and gets King Conan's phoenix sword and another tale deals with Thoth-Amon's ring. The stories are written in an REH-type style.

Last night I did some thinking on what Conan races we could use for which Roman-era ethnic groups, and here's what I came up with:

Celt = Cimmerian
Egyptian = Stygian
Ethiopian = Southern Black Kingdoms
German = Nordheimer
Hun = Hyrkanian
Judean = Shemite
Numidian = Northern Black Kingdoms
Persian = Turanian?
Roman = Hyborian
Slavs = either Zamoran or Hyborian (Brythunian)?

I have really no idea what to do with either Samarians or Dacians (should Dacians be incorporated into Romans)?

Anybody else ever read these stories?
Hey, where can I get "Scroll of Thoth"? I looked on Chaosium's web site and didn't see it. It sounds like exactly the kind of stories I love to read.
I didn't find it on the Chaosium site either, though I already own my copy. It could be that it isn't in print currently. Chaosium only keeps a few of the Cthulu Cycle books in print at a time to ( I think ) cut down on costs. This year it may be one of the ones not in print.