Conan Combat Tactics


I would love to hear any stories people have about new tactics they see players developing in Conan, or new tactics you have come up with for your NPCs.

In the first big combat of the campaign, my three PCs (+3 NPCs) faced a Pictish war party of 22. I went a little easy on them, as I had the Picts armed with primitive clubs and daggers but I only had the Picts come in waves and I had them maneuver a bit in combat, which probably helped the PCs since the Picts gave up their 2nd attack some rounds. Anywho, the Cimmerian barbarian has already adopted an interesting tactic when fighting multiple Picts. He carries a broadsword and a buckler and, something I have yet to see in D&D, he regularly uses the buckler as his offhand weapon, and even killed 2 or 3 of them with his buckler! The best scene had him flanked, down to 1 hp, using Fighting Madness, and he swung with his broadsword at one Pict, cutting him down, and used his buckler on the other, scoring a critical! :shock:

It was beautiful. I love the way shields work with defense, giving the players some serious options when it comes to combat.
If you analyzed the fights that Conan gets in (in the REH canon), you'll find a buttload of boxing moves. That's what Howard was most fanous for. So ducking, bobbing, weaving and slipping rather than ugh parrying seem to be his technique. There's a fair amount of Fairbanks-inspired Hollywood swordplay mixed in. :)
I didn't get to play Conan this past weekend after all, but I would also love to hear what people have found using the Conan combat rules.