Conan Collectible Card Game


The Warlord said:
12 stand alone issues with the Conan Vs Groo being one of them, or is that a seperate beast entirely?

Sorry to keep this off-topic part of the thread going, I don't have much more information than this though.
I can't find any reference to the 12 comic run, but I thought it was separate to the Conan crossover.
I did find this regarding the crossover however; an old e-mail from Mark Evanier to the Groop sent on March 1st this year.....

In the meantime, Sergio is finally starting work on the GROO/CONAN
series. We're going to get a good chunk of it done before it's
scheduled so I'm guessing you won't see it at least until late this
year, probably next.
---------------------------------------------------- (Mark Evanier's daily weblog) (Mark Evanier's not-daily website)

I will ask him for clarification. Please feel free to PM me if you like. There was also mention of a special 20th anniversary Groo 128pp book, but details are few and far between at the moment.



The King said:
There is a chance then that your bookmarker will be more expensive than all the books you'll read. :lol:
Given how much I'm spending on my collecting Howard, Lovecraft, Smith, along with old sword and sorcery novels and Mongoose games, I think that a couple of card decks will not be a problem.


This is a bit older, but I thought it fit. ^^



Funny to note the cartoon comment about lamentations of whiners, given all the whining that went on in this thread about $ and Magic, which isn't nearly as bad as it is made out to be in this thread.