Conan Character Sheet Questions

These are probably "dumb" questions, but it's been over 15 years since I've played a d20 game. Please bare with me.

I'm looking at the 2E Conan character sheet in the back of the book.

1. Load. Does that box require the character's current weight carried, totaled? For example, I'm looking at a character carrying 7 lbs worth of gear. Do I write "7" in that box?

Or, is it there to record something else about the character's load? Max weight?

2. Hit Points. In the box, there is a slash. I assume max hit points goes on one side while the character's current number of HP goes on the right side of the slash. Correct?

3. Weapons. Attack Bonus. I assume that box is for any special bonuses the weapon may have. +1 for a Sneak Attack Style, or a bonus for high quality. Correct?

4. Weapons. Another question about weapons: What is the Size box for? Most weapons will be "M" because they were made to be used by humans (medium sized creatures)? Or, is that box supposed to designate Lite, One-Handed, Two-Handed, and Ranged weapons?

5. Combat Maneuvers. Why not print all of the choices in the Combat Maneuvers section of the main rule book there--instead of just some of them? They serve as a reminder to the player what is possible in a combat round, so it sure would be nice if all options were listed (wth maybe some blanks to write in new ones).

6. Skills. How should it be listed when there is a modifier the character gets, but the character can only use the modifier under certain circumstances. For example, a Zamorian gets a +1 circumstance bonus to Climb checks when in urban settings.

If I list the +1 in the Misc Mod column in the skills section, then it looks as if the bonus is granted all the time. So, should the circumstantial bonus be listed in parenthesis or some other fashion?

7. Carrying Loads. On the Carrying Loads chart, pg. 214 of the 2E Rule book, there is a column for 30' and 20'. What is the 20' column used for?


Tsk, wonder why the Conan questions are always ignored here...

1.) your write Light, or Medium, or Heavy, depending how much your character is lugging around. Medium loads reduce your movement by 5' per round, and Heavy loads additionally reduce your Run multiplier from x4 to x3.
(to find out what Load your character is carrying, total the weight of his stuff and compare to the Carrying Capacity chart.)

2.) Yes, unless you can think of something smarter. ;)

3.) normally you use that box to write down your total Attack modifier for the respective weapon, i.e. BAB + Ability modifier + Weapon Focus (if any) + any other permanent modifiers.

4.) Light, One-Handed, Two-Handed.

5.) True. There are alternative Charsheets out there, btw.

6.) I write an asterisk (*) in the Misc column to remind myself the char gets a bonus under certain circumstances. I then write the specific circumstances in the Racial Modifiers or Special Abilities boxes, wherever they belong. It's not ideal, but the best you can do with these charsheets.

7.) The 20' is D&D vintage. For Conan it should read 25'. Your base movement is reduced from 30' to 25' when you wear medium or heavy armour, or carry a medium or heavy load.