Conan Character Creation Outline


FYI, I hadn't heard from Jason Durall who made the original PDF for the Conan Character Creation Outline a couple of years ago, so I went ahead and remade it (see link below), but corrected various typos (most were insignificant, except for the starting money) and a few minor editorial changes. Note, this has the page references for 1E, which I guess some people might still be playing. Next, I will update it to reflect the pages from Atlantean Edition (and maybe the Pocket Guide page numbers, if space permits), but in the meantime, if people can take a peek and see if they spot any errors, I would appreciate it.

Conan Character Creation Outline 1st Ed
As I noted, I didn't do the original, but did want the typos fixed (esp. the starting $ one), and will soon post the update for Atlantean edition page numbers.