Cold Steel Reign

tarkhan bey

I have noticed that there is a thread in the RQ forum promoting ideas for a MRQ Wild West setting.
A few years back, a company known as Mad Hermit Games released a dark fantasy/horror western RPG by the name of Cold Steel Reign.
I don't know what ever became of the company as there were no further releases beyond a GM screen and a Players Guide and their website has disappeared into the ether.
However, this game(which I purchased) really had some grit to it. It has the feel of a darker and much grimmer/grimier Deadlands possibly with a hint of Jon Shannow.
Repressive religion, gunslinging templar orders, black rain,mutations and steam powered Demonic engines known as Vyl(vile).
This is a must for MRQ(if Mongoose could get the license).
I would buy this without hesitation. It truly is the world that Fields of the Nephilim wished ours was.
Ah, tis so good to see that these boards are being tred by dodgey old Goths! and I have Your Cold Steel Reign... Muhahaha. But I have too agree, the setting is very good and in depth. Now how about a wolrd that Slayer wished ours was?