CHAS - Lock and Load ?

It's not under the CHAS unit description in the MI army book - they only get Alpha strike. If readied, can fire all weapons, but cannot create separate firezones, as is only a single model. I guess if an officer joined him, he could make an additional firezone.
It's definately alpha strike... fire all weapons if readied. But why can't it make separate fire zones? We'd always assumed it could, but lost two dice per extra fire zone as per normal units (we have it fire it's morita wildly in the air :).
Have we missed a rule? I thought the lack of extra zones was just for LAMI
I always thought fire zones are generated strictly on a 1 per squad basis, excepting well... exceptions, like additional firezones for officers, corporals etc. in the unit.

LAMI are a good example. You get one for a normal squad. 2 for a squad with a sarge and corporal, and additional officers joining the squad give an additional firezone each.

As for the CHAS, well, he's got lots of weapons but you can't take advantage of all of them unless you alpha strike, and as I found out today he's often so far out of range of the enemy your alpha strike usually comes down to just the trip hammer and javelin.
that's a special rule for LAMI. Everything else can make as many as it wants, the restriction being that you lose 2 dice per additional fire zone. So five moritas in a cap squad can fire ten dice in one zone or split eight into two etc... Only LAMI have the one for the squad and extras for the officer AFAIK. YOu even get to pick which dice you drop. So fire the moritas first, then the support :)
Easily done, in our first three games our apes did massive damage with their javelins.

In my fourth game (as bugs) I noticed they don't actually get them :)