char sheet with some interaction

hey all

took a shot at an MSexcel char sheet with some low-level interaction. page 2 (down) of sheet 1 is the 2nd printable page of the sheet. go to sheet 2 for filling in values that will (should?) transfer to sheet 1.

i haven't really tested this, and i've never done this before. plz offer feedback, results, etc. no rabidly foaming replies plz. :wink:

since i don't have my own webpage or anything like that, you can get the sheet by joining the following yahoo group:

you can hide your email address upon joining, so there shouldn't be any privacy issues (at least none caused by joining this group). the char sheet is available in the files section of the group.

yelmalio sunlord
i've updated my char sheet with some color coding for faster reference (and better looks than the gray stripes!). also, i fixed the formula calculations for ability scores (never used the MIN function for excel before!).

yelmalio sunlord