Centauri Republic on Amazon.ca

It would not be the first error Amazon has made where our books are concerned. They credit Bruce Graw with writing the Minbari book...


They've been emailed about it twice now. Maybe they'll fix it... eventually... :)

I noticed that the other day and reported it, but no response. Personally, I think they mixed up the entries for both the Earth Alliance and Minbari Federation fact books. The Earth Alliance book isn't even listed, although it's been out longer. Of course, Amazon also has entries for the Babylon Project's Colonies Sourcebook and several other books from that RPG that were never even published....so obviously they don't care much about the accuracy of their stock lists.
spezbaby said:
Sorry about the minor spam, but the Centuari Republic is listed on Amazon.ca for $23.25 CDN :shock: . After tax it was ~$25 CDN which is really cheap (about $20 US). Even with shipping it is cheap.

Used the currency converting program here at work (an airline)...it's $17.63 USD. Wow!! :shock:
Mmmm, I've just visited Amazon.com and seen it priced at USD $24.47.

As for Amazon.ca, they make lots of mistakes usually favourable to buyers, but not always. For instance, "The Technomages Sourcebook" is listed at USD $34.95 while Mongoose priced it at USD $24.95. Even counting their 30% rebate, it's still slightly higher than it should be.

They're supposed to adjust the price before shipping, but I wouldn't bet my shirt on that.
Amazon.com have corrected the pricing error since I posted that bit of news on Friday. spezbaby apparently took advantage of Amazon's error in Canada, so I figured Amazon.com would stand by their incorrect price as well. As redlaco has since pointed out, the price is now $24.47 at Amazon.com. Still a bargain.