Buying an addt'l 2 core sets to add to the 2 I already own?

Should Chris buy an addt'l 2/3 box sets to the two he already owns?

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  • No, you fool! Spend the money on more worthwhile pursuits. Like, other models! Or crack cocaine!

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ScipioAmericanus said:
You like that bird to much.

1. Doesn't b*tch at me if I stay out late.
2. Likes to be with me when I paint minis.
3. Doesn't buy 2 or more outfits and matching pairs of shoes every week, then expect me to surrender yet more closet space to store them.
4. Is always genuinely glad to see me.
5. Idea of a great dinner is grapes, apples, snow peas, strawberries and orange...not $150 plus at the latest trendy restaurant.
6. Idea of a great toy is a $5.50 plastic chain that she can climb on, not an Audi TT.
7. Could care less about her birthday or Christmas, since parrots hate "new" stuff.
8. Considerably broader vocabulary than "Again? We already have this month!"
9. Emotional maturity of a 2yr old...a decided improvement.
10. Totally unconditional love.

Also...Hates soap operas, loves Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Serenity, and war movies.

I'm allowed to like my bird. But I don't just like her, I love her. I'm allowed to do that also.

So 2 post is all it took you to crack, I was just playin with ya, lots of people have birds on this forum but your the only one who has theres in there sig. :D
I ljust ove how this thread has gone just completely south in such a short amount of time. Birds, feh.

That being said, thanks for the help guys, I just put in an order for no less than three box sets. Two of which will just be forty more ruglar warriors, the twenty in the third box will be converted into ten hoppers using the "Cheap and Lazy guide to hoppesr" methos, and the last ten will be converted to represent Firefries, modelled with jaws open and flames shooting out the mouth. I plan to model the hoppers on GW 40mm bases with a pillar (from the GW Bretonnian trebuchet) mounted in the cente of each base (my models are based as in urban/city terrain) which will help house the an eight inch flight stand made of brass wire. Should look pretty kewl.

I saw the rule for endless tides, but it's not for me. I see the point, and it's very useful, but I like having/seeing the actual horde of physical models on the table.

Thanks for your help all, and if anyone has any pics of giant bug hordes or of megabatles being played, I'd love to see photos