Box Sets - yay!



Don't ask me why but I just love Box Sets. I hadn't planned on picking up Messantia and Shadizar but on hearing that they are Box Sets I must now pick up both.

Gah! I guess these means I should grab Pirate Isles and Thunder River too. Damn you Mongoose! :D
spawn said:
Have they mentioned what is in the box sets yet? (Just wondering if I missed it?) :)

For Shadizar there are 3 books. Setting, rules and an adventure. My guess is Messantia is the same. I am also expecting a map or two, given its a box set.
If you go to the RPGs section on the website and click on Conan , there's an upcoming releases section with a link to a full-page preview of Shadizar . I'm a fan of boxsets too and this sounds amazing .