Babylon 5 season 5 dvd set...

IIRC I read somewhere that after Season5 is released on DVD, we will be getting a Crusade box set and then the movies in a box set.
I found it. If you check the front page of the Lurker's site thats where it says about the Crusade and Movies box sets.
You could always create your own box set :)

I saw this link posted over at -

These are custom covers and they look great. They definatly have more of a box set feel. I am seriously thinking about using them for my DVDs.
I realy like the cover art of the boxed sets, I have all five season, and they look kick arse lined up in my dvd case.

The old fashioned
Yeah, they look pretty !

Shipping most be prohibitive, though. Just to know, about how much did it cost you?

I got four of the seasons off ebay for realy reasonable rates. averaging about $35-$45 apiece. you just gotta be patiant. the 3rd season I got from Walmart at full price.... cause I wasn't patiant.... :wink:

The resourcefull
The movie box set is advertised on for release on 16th August. :lol: