B5 Novels

Which are worth picking up?

Currently I only have the Techno-Mage trilogy, The Shadow Within, Call to Arms and (IIRC) the second book in a trilogy with Garibaldi hunting down Bester.
The third Bester book is brilliant, steeped in pathos.

The Shadow Within details the IPX mission to Z'ha'dum, and is really good.

To Dream in the City of Sorrows is also good.
I own the Technomage Trillogy and the first 2 books of the Psicore trillogy.... but personaly the Technomage trillogy is the best written.... its better then the Psicore trillogy..
i just finished the Legions of Fire Trilogy 3 weeks ago and really enjoyed it. City of sorrow was also very good. Think i'll try the psi corp trilogy next. :D
I havn't read any of the newer ones. The only B5 novels I have were ones that came out several years ago. Some were better than others. The best of those was " To dream in the city of sorrows."

Is there a site that lists the newer B5 novels?
My favourites so far (treating trilogies as whole entities) in order of preference:
  • 1. To Dream in the City of Sorrows
    2. Technomage Trilogy
    3. Psi-Corps Trilogy
    4. The Shadow Within
    5. In the Beginning (more detailed than the TNT movie)
    6. The Legions of Fire trilogy
Notes :
- IMHO all of these are worth picking up as none has really been a deception.
- Psi-Corps trilogy has a bizarre pacing and sometimes rough style, but it's a mine of info on the origins of Psi-Corps and Bester.
- I've heard that some older novels ("Clark's Law" & "Personal Agendas" spring to mind) were bad but they're pretty hard to find anyway.
- I have bought "A Call to Arms" and "Thidspace" but have not read them yet. I hope they're good... Anyone have read them ?
I have only read one or two of the original B5 novels.

Clark's Law isn't bad, but is a bit slow. Interestingly it is based on a real-world dilema.

Voices is okay. It features a little build-up of the Talia/Ivanova relationship and includes Hariman Grey from 'Eyes'.

Accusations is lame. It is convoluted, slow and based on an unconvincing premise.

The older books are not too hard to get, I got mine from ebay or amazon's used books for a few quid each. I will read some more and let you know what I think.
Thanks Greg for the comments on those novels. I might try to find some on eBay, although it's not on top of my priority list.

You can have more details on B5 short stories at this URL : http://abyss.hubbe.net/b5/books/stories.html.
Here's a snippet :
There were six short stories published in "Amazing Stories" and the official "Babylon 5" magazine. Four of the six were written by series creator, J. Michael Straczynski and they are all considered canon. These stories are not available anywhere else but in their original publications.

However, there are copies of these stories floating around on the internet but JMS has asked people to stop distributing them in this manner. Not only is it against the law and infringes on various copyrights but it makes it less likely that these stories will ever be re-published again. If you would like to see these collected into a book, please contact: (thank you KoshN for providing this information!)

Del Rey Books
Steve Saffel, Senior Editor
1540 Broadway
NY, NY 10036-4040

Steve Saffel: SSaffel@randomhouse.com
I don't even know if Mr. Saffel is still working for Del Rey, but I just sent an e-mail nonetheless. :lol: One can hope...