B5 minatures?

Aye. That would be interesting.

Just please don't do them as random figures like WotC are doing...
if you are after B5 ships you should go here


(i got lots from agent1, a hell of a lot cheaper than ebay!)

for info on whats available go here http://b5wars.net/ and check out the "Would anybody buy miniatures...?" thread in the "general discussion" section.

for the new ships shown in the Mongoose publication, we`ll just have to wait and see.
ooops maybe I should have said miniatures based on the Alien races found in the B5 universe.

as well as the Earth Alliance they have Centauri, Narn, Brakiri, Abbai, Dilgar, Vree, Vorlon, Shadows, Civilian and Minbari.

two different ship scales F.A. and B5Wars, F.A. are smaller in size.

is that what you are after? :)
I think he means character figures.

Herlequin did some a while back, but they were very expensive. They included characters from the show as well as more generic figures. But you may have to get them on ebay.

GZG does 4 space station crew, which bear a remarkable similarity to B5 officers.