Awarding Experience


Are most of you just using the broad guidelines given in the Core rule book or have you adapted another per encounter/scenario measurement.
Thought I'd ask since I really like the Crit Hits/FUmble chart that was posted
I have granted a flat 500 xp each session for the two sessions I have run thus far. I also grant xp for player intros, session logs, and painted/finished play aids.

I will probably forgo the xp rout and simply tell my players when to level up. Since I will be running short scenarios in the manner of Howards short stories, they will probably cover two to three adventures between levels at the start with that number getting larger as they get higher leveld. I think that will just be easier on me in the long run.
I'm going for around 1000-2000 XP per session as in the core rulebook - less to start, getting more at higher level. My first game, one PC died, the other did very well and by the end of the night had 1500XP and had levelled up 1 to 2. The next game will be set 2 years later with her PC 2nd level. Normally though I don't plan to give much more than 1000 XP/PC/session at low level, unless they do exceptionally well, but as I'm taking an episodic approach with months or years between adventures I don't mind them levelling up frequently to start with.