ABC Warriors

I imagine this has been Posted before, but what a Fantastic setting for a Game (I would take anything Lol - RPG, Miniatures Game) Background.

PLUS you get Nemisis The Warlock to boot!

Has anyone else had any thoughts on this, I am atm writing a VOR 'special' list to accomodate using Hammerstein, Joe Pineapples, Mongrol, Deadlock, Blackblood, Mek-Quake, Steelhorn, and Ro-Jaws as a small Force (just for jollies).

OBVIOUSLY I am keen to write Stats for either GOMC1 or SST - so any ideas will be GRATEFULLY accepted!
Yeah they've been brought up in various places :)

The ABC Warriors are potentially the "glue" that holds a lot of other 2000AD settings together.

Ro-Busters, Nemesis The Warlock, Judge Dredd, and quite likely a few other links as well. Even Invasion!, I believe.
I was sitting staring at my (ridiculousley expensive) Foundry ABC Warriors the other day, and it occurred to me how good they would be to have in a Game!
Doghouse said:
Be nice to see them used in the Torquemada setting. :)
How does it go again? Be pure, be vigilant, be-have...

YES! Its sooo cool!

I have pretty much finished my VOR: ABC Warriors rules and will do the Bad Guys next!
We find the Gothic Empire Nemesis story where the remaining ABC Warriors joined up with him still surprisingly influential. Possibly my first exposure to Steampunk, a genre that I have yet to see done adequately though Castle Falkenstein was perhaps the best of them all.

Be Pure
Be Vigilant
ABC Warriors would be the ultimate Sci fi setting.
Just don't overcomplicte stuff.
SD was great and something similar regarding char creation would be nice.