A thought


I know my following statement could be construed as Heresy, but...

On the Aeg boards, they allow for the people there to run game threads. I was wondering if that might be possible here.
Why would that be heresy? If nothing else your asking a question about something you've seen and liked somewhere else and want to see if it's possible here.

I can't speak for anyone else but I don't see that question as much of a problem personally.
I concur with the Stranger over yonder.. and I dont see why mongoose would have a problem with it.. they dont seem to have too much of a problem with us regs goofin off with threads ocassionaly... unlike many other sights i used to post at so i dont see why they would have a problem with what you want to do.... these message boards are most definitly a Community.. a Disfunctional community but we are a community none the less... so in my mind i dont see where it would be a problem...
After all, we've already seen some long posts relating game sessions, so why not a true game in progress ? I would be interested...
And because a third opinion is always necessary you can count me in as well.

Besides, only disfunctional communities have any real fun. :D