A question for Agent One


I wish to ask for permission to use some images from the Babylon 5 Wars and Gropos handbooks for my own homerules , specially , those refered to weapons (Frigga aircraft , sniper rifles , tanks , vehicles , and the like) , and a few starships .
Thankyou in advance , whatever is your decision .
I can't help you...all those images are copyrighted by Warner Bros. I could not give you permission even if AOG still existed. This isn't about me making a decision, it's a simple matter of copyright laws. Did you know every time AOG printed a book, we had to get permission from WB to use any and all images within that book (even the ones we created from scratch)? I'll bet Mongoose has to do the same thing with their stuff, because it's all WB's intellectual property. There's a reason it says "copyright (c) WB" on every single cover and virtually every single page we ever printed, y'know...
Hmmm... makes one wonder though... look at that book cover:


Now how did they get a Rutarian in there???

As I understand it, even a fan-made CGI mesh that is based on licensed stuff cannot be used freely in any profit generating way. If you use it for private pictures - fine, if you share those pictures - fine, but if you get paid for something you use it in I always thought you have to ask the Mesh artist And the owner of the license the mesh is based on, and maybe even offer them a share of the loot.
Am I wrong?
No, you're probably right, but whoever did that book cover didn't use our mesh. Besides which, if it was a copyright violation, it wasn't our concern. We (AOG) had no reason to police WB's copyrights. IIRC, I notified them of the similarity of this image to the ship we used in our books (for which we had art approved by them), but whether or not they pursued it was their affair.