A Call to Arms Open Day @ Milton Keynes 21st October


On the 21st of October there will be a Starship Troopers and A Call to Arms demo games running all day at Wargames Workshop in Cranfield, near Milton Keynes. I myself will likely be running A Call to Arms, while my amigo Low-Roller 1-1 (thanks man!!) will be running Starship Troopers.

Come and have some fun if you can!
Id love to come but having developed car problems that are gonna be a bit costly Im afraid I'll have to skip it :(
Please can you post the full address of the shop and times. Also, can we bring fleets, if so point value etc. or is it just demo stuff?
I will be running demos for part of the day definitely but I'll ring them this week and ask if they have a spare table in shop where you guys could bring a point of battle or something down and play a game similar to the Mongoose Open Day. Or something. Either way, once I ring them up again I'll have a clearer idea of what's going on.
More news! They have 9 8'x4' tables in store, so we will be able to have demo games running simultaneously to casual games. Bring a 5 point Raid fleet, and a 1 point Battle fleet, as we might do the Battle Royal thing.
I'll try and make it up - but like LBH, I may need to save petrol money for November, as my car drinks the stuff and it's a long haul!

I suppose the alternative is trains... what's the nearest station to the shop?
Hrm. Bit of a stretch to get out of Milky Beans and over the M1 from there, then?

Might be easier to drive it...