2300AD GDW Acknowledgements

Bryn the 2300AD guy

Banded Mongoose
I have just noticed that the acknowledgements section of 2300AD is missing a lot of the core staff from GDW. Seven principle authors are missing:

Tim Brown - was one of the three writers of the original 1st edition of the game
Lester W. Smith - was the writer who revised 1st into 2nd edition, and I believe was the line manager from then on. A principle author on five of the books.
William H. Keith - principle writer on the Kafer SB, Aurore SB, Kafer Dawn and Mission: Arcturus
J. Andrew Keith - principle writer on the Nyotekundu SB and Invasion
David Nilsen - principle writer on Ranger
William W. Connors - principle writer on Bayern
Julia Martin - principle writer on Rotten to the Core

In addition, Deb Zeigler, Tom Peters, Gary Thomas, Bob Swarm, Matt Renner, Mike Dane, Robert and Nancy Parker, Rob Caswell, and many others have writing credits. That was just looking at the Colonial Atlas.

Also, a bunch of the names acknowledged have no GDW credits on 2300AD; Darryl Hany, for example, wrote En Garde! but had no credits on 2300AD. Several others had no credits on the original.

Why is this so?